Project Intrapreneurship (PINTRA) Projects

  • Aquaponchise – SMART Cities, Green Growth, Agri-innovation, etc.<
  • Cultauriture – Heritage and culture, cultural entrepreneurship, etc.
  • Employability 4 World – youth employment, refugee integration, 4th Industrial revolution skills development, digital contracting, etc.
  • IAAI- The institute for applied artificial intelligence and affective computing – 
  • Refugee and Radicalisation – skills development, etc.
  • Sports and the World of Work – Sports Management and Career development
  • STEM 3.0 Futures  – futurology, career development, etc.
  • Work based Learning – employability project various EU partners (hospitality and tourism)
    If you wish to learn more and/or join any of these projects as an organisation please contact